Secured by Design

We’d all love the peace of mind of knowing that our home is completely safe and secure from intruders. However, to the more persistent burglar our homes can fall vulnerable, especially in areas that are hidden from view. At SD Luke one of the many reasons that we only install from the Elitis range is due to the leading standards in security that the collection offers to you, our customer. For extra secure windows and doors you can rest assured with the security provided by the Elitis ‘Secured by Design’ range. ‘Secured by Design’ is an approval scheme set up by the Association of Chief Police Officers and British Standards Institute. Choosing the ‘Secured by Design’ option for your windows and doors is your guarantee that they have been identified by the police as providing the ultimate in security.

Ask us about the ‘Secured by Design’ option for extra security in your home.

So in technical terms what does ‘Secured by Design’ actually mean? –Meeting this police approved standard requires: internally beaded windows, police preferred locks and hinges, 70mm deep PVCu profiles, 28mm double glazed units and fully welded frames. And what does that mean to you? -Choosing Elitis ‘Secured by Design’ products from SD Luke means that as your Elitis windows and doors leave the factory they will already adhere to the security requirements specified by the Association of Chief Police Officers, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your home will be gaining added security, approved by the people that know best.

Extra Security in your home

If you’d like to contact us for details on the security of our windows and doors please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the safety features we offer.

Here at SD Luke we take pride in being able to offer you the following security features to provide you with added safety in your home:

  • Our windows are internally beaded, which means the glass can only be removed from inside the room and with special tools.
  • We can give you the option of having toughened safety glass installed in the vulnerable areas of your home which resist breakage, preventing jagged edges.
  • We can offer you the choice of laminated glazing which is held together with a security film that holds the glass together in one solid piece even when shattered.
  • Our windows are built with high quality, specially designed Elitis TSL locking mechanisms Click here to see the video and both sides of the frame are secured, as we fit anti-jemmy hinges as standard.
  • Our doors are installed with high security, anti-jemmy, anti-lift hinges which are designed to ensure that the door cannot be levered free on the opposite side.
  • Our doors are also internally beaded so that intruders cannot gain access by removing the beading from the outside. They also come with ‘Secured by Design’ door locks fitted as standard.
  • The Patio and French doors we offer are designed to withstand intrusion through positive, locking, anti-jemmy and anti-lift devices that come fitted as standard. These bolts are enclosed in ingenious steel keeps that make it virtually impossible to reach them with a jemmy or probe.
If you’d like to see a video of our standard Elitis TSL locking system in action just click here.

You’ll know that your getting authentic Elitis quality as each genuine Elitis TSL lock comes marked with the Elitis badge so don’t compromise for anything less!

At SD Luke we know that security and peace of mind are the most important things when it comes to our homes. We hope this information has given you a better understanding of how to achieve added security in your home. It would be a determined burglar indeed who managed to beat our standard security systems. And remember for the ultimate in security ask for the ‘Secured by Design’ specification.

Is your door secure?

Until recently only a handful of professional locksmiths and well researched criminals knew about a relatively simple way of breaking the locks used in 90% of doors in the UK and Europe. But now, with the help of the internet, these practises are fast becoming common place among the criminals and the opportunist thief.

 One such method of breaking a cylinder lock is called 'Key Bumping'.

Most homes in the UK have a PVCu or Composite Door. These doors are fitted with a lock and a key cylinder and they offer a good amount of security. They may even have passed British Standards, won awards and been tested for durability.

But there is now a new threat to your security.

 Lock Bumping keys are used legitimately by locksmiths and therefore legally available. Bump keys will open almost any cylinder lock in the country and around 90% of all homes are fitted with cylinder locks.

In the hands of thieves Bump Keys can be used as master keys to open any number of locks quickly and with minor disturbance. Breaking into Door Locks has now become a simple and routine way for burglars to enter a home. There are hundreds of videos on the Internet showing how to make and use 'Bump Keys' which can open cylinder locks.

Elitis now provide a solution to the problem by offering Anti-Bump Cylinders with all of their doors*. These cylinders are also snap, drill and pick resistant.

The Anti-Bump cylinder is fabricated with a patented laminate, snap resistant steel core to provide flexural snap and pull resistance. The core is visible from both ends acting as a deterrent. A BKP bump resistant device is built-in as standard as well as hardened steel pins and drivers to protect from drilling. Fully compliant with BSEN1303:2005, the cylinders unique construction will withstand drilling, picking, bumping and snapping. They also have a 10-pin key biting system offering over 1.6 million differs. Keys are registered to your own property and can only be provided (cut) at your request through the supplier.